Give your paying guests the greatest night’s sleep and they’ll reward you with repeat bookings.

Need help in choosing which mattress is best for your B and B?

To save you time we have developed a commercial mattress range to provide the right mix for you to select from; durable, comfortable and pleasantly affordable beds - we can ensure that we have appropriate product to meet the unique requirements of your hospitality business and your guests.

You'll benefit from our 24 years of experience in the New Zealand Market, and you can be confident that you are receiving the best value; we pride ourselves on offering great deals on all our beds.

If you’ve had more than one guest complain about a mattress it’s probably time it was replaced.

Consider your target market and listing and make sure your mattress is consistent with your guest's expectations.

Choose a mattress that most of your guests will find comfortable and that is easy for your staff to manage, - a medium to firm feel suits most people. If you are using a soft mattress topper go a little firmer as this provides flexibility for those clients needing a firmer feel and is a more durable solution.

Mattress shipping

We can ship our mattresses and bases to your location throughout New Zealand.There is no minimum order.

Remember if you start with a horrible mattress, you’ll have a very tough time delivering a great sleep experience for your guests. simply email our friendly team and we'll walk you through replacing your tired beds, we are more than happy to meet with you onsite.